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The Amber of Longevity

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  • Amber

  • Compressed ovoid form

  • Bottle carved from reddish-brown and ochre-yellow amber using the natural colors in the material. Continuous landscape with a gnarled pine tree and complex rock formation near a pair of doors set in the entrance to a cave, with lingzhi fungus, peony and another flower growing nearby. Shou Lao, the God of Longevity, holding a dragon-headed staff, with a young attendant, holding an oar and in the prow of a boat, floating on clouds emerging from a plume from the doors to a cave, towards a rocky shore where a female deity awaits with a sword tied to her back, another in her right hand, and a sprig of lingzhi aloft in her left hand. Other two female deities, one bearing a hoe, the other with a pole over her shoulder to which is attached lingzhi fungus, the neck with a band of pendant acanthus leaves.


  • 1760 - 1860


  • Height cm. 6.3
  • Mouth cm. 0.5
  • Lip cm. 1.2


  • Stone with metal collar


  • J & J collection
  • Christie's New York - auction 29 March 2006 (The J & J Collection) - Parte III - Lot 39
  • Robert Kleiner


  • 41st Convention I.C.S.B.S., Dublin, October 2009
  • Palazzina delle Arti: Museo del Sigillo (Seal Museum), La Spezia - Italy, November 2010 - January 2011


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  • Atomo Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles, Foti, no. 25, p. 30
  • Journal ICSBS - Autumn 2010 - Vol XLII number 2 - P. 29 - Fig. 3

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